E-Statement Frequently Asked Questions

E-Statements are an environmentally-friendly way to receive your statements electronically. Your e-Statement will include everything a printed statement would. Deposit e-Statements will include images of cancelled checks, disclosures, and other important notices. Loan e-Statements will include the amount of payment due, due date, transaction history, and other important information and disclosures. This service is safe, convenient, and free for your deposit and loan accounts.

How do I sign up for e-Statement delivery?

If you are already an online banking customer, all you need to do is log in and click on the e-Statements tab. A few simple steps are all it takes to enroll. If you don’t see the e-Statements tab or you don't have an online banking profile, call us at (630) 572 – 5323 to get signed up!

How will I know when my current e-Statement is available?

A notification will be sent to the e-mail address on file whenever a statement or notice is available. You will be asked to create a security phrase when you enroll. That phrase will appear on the e-mail notification you will receive.

Can my e-Statement notification be sent to more than one e-mail address?

Yes, you can have the notification sent to up to 3 recipients.

Will I also receive a paper statement?

No. Should you need a paper copy, e-Statements can be easily printed out by you. If you are not able to print one, please call us at 630-572-5323 and we will print and mail a copy to you.

How long are e-Statements kept on line?

As your personal statement archive builds, you will be able to access up to 18 months of statements.

Can I save and/or print e-Statements?

You may view, save or print an e-Statement that looks just like the paper statement you receive now.

What other documents are available in e-form?

You may view or print an image of any deposit slip or check that has cleared your account. You may also elect to receive 1099 INT and 1098 tax forms, wire transfer, sweep, ACH and telephone transfer notices in e-form. They may also be viewed and printed.

What if my e-mail address changes?

You can change your e-mail address at any time under the “Options” tab once you’ve signed into your on line account.

How do I discontinue e-Statement delivery?

You can cancel your e-Statement enrollment by going to the “sign up/changes” tab and clicking on “Enroll All Available Accounts and Document Types Shown” You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the change.

What if I have questions?

Please call us at 630-572-5323 during regular business hours with any questions about your e-Statements.