What is encryption?

Website security is important to us. Therefore, we recommend using the latest version of your current internet browser to take advantage of secure interactivity with our website. Leaders Bank uses the most commercially reasonable security technology available that is equivalent to 256-bit technology. This allows Leaders Bank to deny access to a web browser that cannot present a minimum of 256-bit security strength. A lock will appear as evidence that a website is secure in your browser’s web address bar.

Which internet browsers are supported?

Leaders Bank supports all the major web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Your user experience with Internet Explorer will diminish in the near future. Microsoft’s Edge web browser is replacing Internet Explorer.

How do I create a strong password?

Increasing your password strength is the best thing to do to combat fraud. Here are some tips:

Create the longest password that is practical
Use a mix of upper, lower case letters and numbers
Do not repeat characters (aaa) or use adjacent characters (abc)
Do not reuse passwords for multiple on-line accounts
Do not use personal information such as social security number, birthdate, etc.
Do not tell anyone your password

Can I create transaction alerts?

Yes, Leaders Bank recommends users set up alerts on their accounts. Alerts can be found by selecting Options, then Alerts. Alerts can be set up as an e-mail or text message (carrier charges may apply).

Is e-mail secure?

E-mail is NOT a secure method to send personal information. Please, do not send any personal information through e-mail. If you receive an e-mail from anyone you do not know, or an e-mail you do not expect asking for personal information, please DO NOT respond to the e-mail. Do not click on any links or attachments within e-mails that you do not expect or look suspicious.

If you need to send Leaders Bank sensitive information, please log into your internet banking account, and select ‘Contact’ at the top of the page, select ‘New’, and a message can be sent to Leaders Bank in a secure manner. Leaders Bank will respond to your message using the same method.

What if I notice a transaction on my account that I don’t recognize?

Please contact Leaders Bank as soon as you can at 630-572-5323. You can also send us a secure message by logging into your internet banking account.